Improving Accessibility

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To me, peer-to-peer is more than just a type of computer network, it’s a way of life. It means treating other people as my peers, rather than a superior to rule over me or a subordinate to serve under me. I consider this worldview especially important when I interact with people who nature has gifted with abilities or “disabilities” that I myself might not have. Rather than being intimidated by people who are different, I make a conscious effort to celebrate differences and to make accommodations when appropriate so that I can make the environments I help to create inclusive of everyone who I want to be around. While I cannot possibly cater to everyone’s personal preferences I do try to cater to specific needs. In the context of P2P Connects Us, this means making the content accessible to those with hearing or vision impairment.

On the last few episodes of the P2P Connects Us podcast, I have been telling listeners about the bounties I made available to people who wrote transcriptions of the interviews featured on the podcast. These transcriptions were prompted by a listener early on in the history of the podcast (I’m not sure if the request was made due to a hearing impairment) and I have since made a personal commitment to releasing transcriptions for every episode. Members of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin community stepped up and for the past few weeks, we have been working to transcribe each episode in the back-catalog. I recently took down the bounty and have assigned this task exclusively to LTB community member “bitillionaire,” who has so far provided consistently high-quality transcriptions. All of this has been a great help towards meeting my goal of improving accessibility for the P2P Connects Us audience.

But transcriptions are not enough. They help deaf or hard-of-hearing people, but what of the blind? While blind people are likely to already have text-to-speech tools which convert text content into audio content for them, I would like to provide a recording which is actually a real human voice so that there can be a deeper connection between the listener and the content. Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be going through all of the past blog posts and doing an audio recording of each post so that I can update them with an mp3 file for people who have impaired vision. I will also be including an mp3 file with all future blog posts published on P2P Connects Us in an effort to make this an accessible website for content about peer-to-peer philosophy, technology, and culture.

If you have a vision or hearing impairment, please, send me your feedback and let me know if there’s anything I can do to make consumption of P2P Connects Us content easier for you. I believe this information is important to everyone, not just people who fall on a certain spectrum of hearing and vision abilities. If we’re to live in a truly peer-to-peer world, then all peers need to be included, and that means having access to the information that makes this world work. P2P Connects Us aspires to be a primary source for such information, and it’s my pleasure to take on the task of making this information accessible to everyone. If there’s anything I can do to better fulfill this mission and improve accessibility, please get in touch through the contact form at

One response to “Improving Accessibility

  1. People who have ‘Big Boat’ vision guiding their BlockChain evangelism inspire me. John Light and others of the Let’s Talk BitCoin Community are high on the list. In time I will also find where I can contribute to this hopeful, borderless, social paradigm change.

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